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 This is the games' news page. You will see further developments on the games which are currently being found, and placed on the sub-page of the Games section [ only available to members ]. King of Fighters 1.3 is the game only available for the date of 03/04/10.   

Now, I am still looking for arcade games that are best suited for you and for others to play with. Thanks! [03/04/10]

Also, K, Iori, Moriya, and Ryu's Skill lists are added. [03/05/10]

Another version of King of Fighters is available and is a sub-page of Games now. (also only available to members)

This is the King of Fighters XS Ultimatum, another name for King of Fighters Version 0.9. Looking for the skill list? Go to the Hints section.

The King of Fighters 2000, and King of Fighters Death Match are already included under this section. Enjoy!

Metal Slug, the old game, but still enjoyed by gamers-is now here![03/08/10]

Rage 3 is now available.[03/08/10]


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Ooki - おーき or オーキ
Translation - Big

Chiisai - ちーさい or チーサイ
Translation - Small

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