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 King of Fighters WING (1.3)

Skill Lists[incomplete]

Sorry if I cannot give you the real names, but I can show how they are done, at least. -and the spellings, too- This is also incomplete, as stated above-but I am still currently looking for the complete list.

O = special charge/special release
J = HP
K = HK
L = dash
U = special1[easymode] or WP[normalmode]
I = special2 [easymode] or WK[normalmode]

HP-Hard Punch
HK-Hard Kick
WP-Weak Punch
WK-Weak Kick


4 forward punches/downward fiery strike = back+HP+HP+HP+HP
3 forward fiery punches = forward+HP+HP+HP
fiery rotating arms = forward+HP
[easymode]special 1 = WP
[easymode]special 2 = WK
charging fiery grab = down+back+HK
[while close to the enemy]grab = HP
power hit = HP+HK or WP+WK
2 forward upper kicks = forward+HK+HK
heavy drop kick = back+HK
[special][after pressing O]special 1 = O
[special][after pressing O]special 2 = back+O

Kula Diamond:

ballet kick = back+HK
cold breath = forward+HP
cold touch = back+HP
icicle = down+back+HP
forward icy uppercut = down+forward+HP
airy punch = forward+HP
double kick = [near the enemy] HK
double punch = [near the enemy] HP
grab = [walking in front of the enemy] HP
heavy kick = [simultaenously] HP+HK
special 1 [easymode] = WP
special 2 [easymode] = WK
Blizzard = [max] = O
Special2 = [max] = back+O
ice launch = forward+HK
[myowncombo] = [near the enemy] HK+back+HK+forward+HK
or double kick+ballet kick+ice launch

Orochi [second form]
(to access second forms, press and hold O then select the character.)

double kick = HK
touch of water = HP
falling leaf = HK+HP
blazing wheel = forward+HP
flaming prediction = back+HP
multi-blaze = WP[easymode]
multi-predictions = WK[easymode]
energy beam [max] = O
grab = [near the enemy] HP
APOCALYPSE = [max] back+HP


upward slash = HK
uppercut combo = back+HK+HK+HK
charge combo = back+HK
forward kick = HK
zombifying blaze = forward+HP
rotating zombifying arms = down+forward+HP
grab = [near the enemy] = HP
special 1 = [easymode] WP
special 2 = [easymode] WK
zombie overload = [max] O
death tower = [max] back+O


flaming roundhouse punch = down+forward+HP
flame wheel = forward+HP
flaming combo = forward+HP+HK
heavy lunging kick = back+HK
sneak = forward+HK
special 1 = [easymode] WP
special 2 = [easymode] WK
Flaming Uppercut = [max] back+O
Fiery Mega Combo = [max] O
grab = [near the enemy] HP


slash combo = forward+HP+HP+HP+HP
dual downward strike = down+HP
back blade revolver = down+forward+HP
front blade revolver = down+forward+WP
defence counter = forward+HK
special 1 [easymode] = WP
special 2 [easymode] = WK
Tri-Slash = [max] = O
Heavy Slash Flurry = [max] = back+O
grab = [near the enemy] = HP


Tri-kick = back+HK
Shouryuuken = down+forward+HP
Haduuken =  forward+HP
Aerial Haduuken = back+HP
special 1 [easymode] = WP
special 2 [easymode] = WK
Ryu-Ken Combo = [max] = back+O
Ryu Heavy Combo = [max] = O
grab = [near the enemy] HP

King of Fighters XS Ultimatum

This game is just like the normal mode skill list of
King of Fighters 1.3. The keys to be pressed are just made to be difficult, but if you know the turns and twists, you will eaily find these moves. [YOU  CAN  EASILY  FIND  THEM  IF  YOU  ALREADY  MASTERED  THE  EASY  MODE.]

King of Fighters 2000

This is just a [sorry for the word] stupid game. Only K'  is available, and their movements are also [sorry again] STUPID! But if you think it ain't that ugly, the skill lists are just the same as normal mode of King of Fighters 1.3. Have fun...!?

Metal Slug

This is an awesome "Metal Slug" clone, shooting game, where you've to infiltrate into the enemy territory and shoot down all the hostile guards that come along your way. Destroy the enemy tanks and choppers without getting killed. 
Rescue the prisoners along the way, they'll give you new weapon upgrades, health packs or points. You've got limited ammo, so don't let it waste away. If you get killed you'll be able to continue the game with a new life, but if you lose all your lives then sadly, it'll be game over. Good luck! 

This game is not in English language, so Left Click on the Second Button on the title screen to view the instructions and then Left Click the bottom right button to continue. Then select a difficulty level from the three buttons shown. Finally select your character to begin the game. 

You can also change the control keys. Left Click on the Third Button on the title screen and press the desired keys for the different default controls. Finally click on the Left Button to save your changes. If you click the Right Button then the default controls will be restored.

Rage 3

Arrow Keys: Move.
Double Tap Direction: Roll.
A: Melee.
S: Shoot.
Q&E: Switch weapons.
D: Rage 

Tales of Heroes

Use W A S D keys to move.
J to jump.
K to attack.
L to duck and pick up stuffs.
U and I for special attack.


Commando 2

ASWD for movement 
Use mouse to aim
Left click to shoot 
Space to throw grenades

Watch Out!

Use the mouse as your controller.

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