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Important Announcment : WE NOW HAVE A BRANCH OF THIS SITE AT GOOGLE SITES. WE ARE STILL CONTINUING TO FINALIZE IT BUT IN NO TIME IT WILL BE RELEASED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINOUS SUPPORT. Favarvade WILL STILL BE ALIVE, WITH ITS BRANCH = FAVRPG51. website created for gamers who are currently having a hard time on finding the "skill lists", "how to get out of this", "I'm stuck on this mess", and "where can I find such...". I found that not only I am looking for such skills, such tactics, and strategies, in order to defeat also such bosses and enemies. By the way, This "HOME" page is also a current news page wherein you can see updates on the FAQs and on the games, too. I am going to create a page for the games, don't worry, fellow visitors. Let me just prepare. [03/03/10]

Kyo, Kula and Orochi's skill lists are already available on the hints section. (only available for members )[03/04/10]

To register, just go to the "Register!"  section. Fill in the following input boxes, then send. Within 24 hours, your account will be processed. Please be patient. [03/04/10]

The games section is now available! You can now play arcade games. King of Fighters of different versions are now available.[03/04/10]

How to play King of Fighters? To play, click the sub-page of Games Section(must be logged in). To see some hints, click the Hints section.[03/04/10]

A new game was added(check the games section for more details).[03/05/10]

Games are now frequently added-to be more specific, EVERYDAY! new games EVERYDAY! Just go to the games section and find out!

Hints section is now available to everyone, even to guests! No registration permitted to view this page. Available on the Navigation Links. Just a click away. Only are the games are not allowed for the guests. Registration is needed. [03/06/10]

Wondering on how to logout? Just go to the Login page again and there will be a button named "Logout". Press it, and there you have it, logged out.

"What's this sound? It's bothering me!" My favorite song, and has inspired me do create a website full of my favorite arcade games too. By the way, this song is "Blaze" by "Kotoko". Hope you like it too!

Add me in my Facebook account: Thanks! [03/07/10]

I have already removed the background music because I myself have discovered that it is a big nuisance. [03/07/10]

Soon, we will not only have my favorite games, and music, now, also my favorite language! Nihongo! or, Nippongo. If you want to learn Japanese, Just go to my site. This feature will be available at [03/13/10], at Saturday. Better not miss it![03/09/10]

Sorry for the delay, 'tis true I promised to finish the page last Saturday, but unfortunately, I was busy with some affairs. BUT! Nihon Lessons are now available and can be viewed also by visitors ONLY UNTIL [04/17/10]. Thanks for your cooperation. By the way, quantum-physics, cartoon-download, and bloodzscrew has contributed a lot to this website. Thanks again! If you want to see their sites, go to the Links section to be able to view theirs.[03/17/10]

Hello guys...I'm sorry if you're not seeing any new. games anymore, it's just that I've been so busy these days. My schedule can't work it out. By the way, I posted new banners. On the month of March, I had 50+ visitors already, and I need more traffic. Please help me post my new ads on the "Help Favarcade" Section. About the games, well, just email me at and send me games that you would like to recommend, and I'll put them as soon as possible. Thanks. [03/19/10]

Because this month's a month of luck, I will let guests play King of Fighters 1.3 and Rage 3 ONLY UNTIL [04/19/10]. This is a Luck Bonus for everyone.[03/19/10]


The OST of Code Geass "World End" is now a background music of FavArcade. Hope you like it! [03/20/10]

Chatting is now available at the Chat Section! Brought to you by [03/20/10]

Wanna search for something? Try our new FavArcade Search Engine powered by Just go to the "Search" section to view the page.

We have a page in FaceBook. Type in on the Search bar in FaceBook: Favarcade. Results will show up, and please put something on the Wall. Thanks!

Here are some fresh news about arcade games:

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We have already opened our new site at Google. The URL is = . Please do visit!

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HI. BROTHER. WORK hard. and when your website is done. i will give you some link you can earn money.

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